S.L.A.M’s First Set of Demands

Our first set of demands is to be provided full transparency regarding the suspension of Dr. Dennar.

In addressing the reports of discrimination reported by Dr. Dennar and medical residents, we call for a thorough response to the following questions so that we may understand the truth and work as a community to hold our administrators accountable.

  • What were the details of the “warning status” applied to the Med-Peds residency program by the ACGME? Was any part of the “warning status” applied due to the ACGME’s inability to rule out racial discrimination within the program?
  • Where is the evidence that Dr. Dennar and her residents were given ample support to strengthen the Med-Peds residency program prior to her suspension? It is clear that there was a “warning status” issued by the ACGME however it remains unclear what resources were provided to Dr. Dennar to strengthen the program.
  • What are the previous protocols that have been employed when a program has been put on “warning status” at Tulane? Were these measures applied to Dr. Dennar’s case and on what timeline? Is the Med-Peds program still under warning status?
  • Could you provide evidence to show that Dr. Dennar’s complaints of discriminatory treatment over the past 18 months were met with support and collaboration rather than threats or dismissal?
  • Could you provide evidence that the complaints of residents regarding program shortcomings were appropriately addressed?
  • What evidence can you provide to counter the allegation that Dr. Dennar’s leadership as the Medical Director of Internal Medicine Ambulatory Clinic was not hindered, but rather, given full support?
  • Were the ACGME standards loosened for Med-Peds residents (8 weeks for an elective/subspecialty at Tulane compared to 16 weeks elsewhere) thereby decreasing the robustness of the program?
  • In the ATLAS ranking system, what is the reason that HBCUs and International Schools are ranked lower than other institutions by default? Was the ATLAS ranking system most recently used in the 2019-2020 residency match process?
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