Letter from Tulane PGY3

We have heard concerns that people’s identities had not been sufficiently protected in the version of the statement previously posted here. In our continued commitment to transparency, we would like to clarify these following points: 

  1. S.L.A.M did not write the statement. We have committed to publishing any statement related to the issue at hand without bias or presumption of truth. 
  2. All resident names had been redacted since the first publication. This was to protect them from retaliation. Those named in the body of this letter included two Program Directors who the writers of this statement had asked to remain named. The third is a physician who has experienced racism in our hospital system, and has asked that his name remain as well. 
  3. We could not, however, protect people from recognizing the stories within the text. This has led to some concerns about anonymity. Some of the stories were uniquely horrible, and therefore, recognizable. We are working to see if there is a way to republish that takes these concerns into consideration.
  4. The letter was actually written several months ago. It had gone unpublished until now. The writers took this moment, where racism in our hospital system was being revealed, to ask us to elevate their stories as well. It is important to know that in its conception, this letter was not related in any way to Dr. Dennar’s case.

If you would like to see this statement, it has been republished here.

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